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NEMO Feed is a local, full-service feed manufacturer that provides nutrition and feed services to the Midwest. We offer a full line of non-GMO multi-species feed and we are a manufacturer of non-GMO soybean meal.

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  • Extrusion Technology
  • Pelleting
  • Mixing
  • Mineral Manufacturing
  • Toll Milling

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Prestige Goat Feed Only highly digestible ingredients are used and are properly balanced to match the specific needs of your goat herd. All products are "fixed formulated", providing a high level of nutritional consistency. Prestige Goat Feed | View Elite Sheep Feed Give your flock the best nutrition possible with our Elite Sheep Feed. We have feed designed to help your replacement ewe, lambs, and rams excel, as well as to feed your breeding herd. We also have products to serve as starter, grower, and finisher feeds. Elite Sheep Feed | View Ultimate Care Hose Feed We offer three types of Ultimate Care Horse Feed: Original, Sweet, and Breeding Herd. Ultimate Care Original is designed for senior horses. Sweet is for finicky eaters. Breeding Herd is for the nutritional needs of the breeding herd. Ultimate Care Hose Feed | View Family Flock Chicken Feed We offer starter, grower, developer, and layer feeds. Only highly digestible ingredients are used and are properly balanced to match the specific needs of your poultry flock. We also offer management consultation, feeding programs, and a full range of feeds for broilers, turkeys, ducks, and game birds. Family Flock Chicken Feed | View Precision Beef Feed We utilize the most recent research available to keep your beef herd healthy and productive. We offer multiple feeding programs to suit your needs, whether you are supplementing young stock, growing replacements, finishing steers, or trying to achieve reproductive success. We have beef specialists to provide on-farm consultation as well. Precision Beef Feed | View Degree Dairy Feed Degree Dairy supports all stages of life, from calves to milk cows. In using Degree Dairy products, you will receive free on-farm consultations from our nutrition specialists on a regular basis. Degree Dairy Feed | View Superior Swine Feed Our swine program utilizes international nutrition expertise of an experienced swine group. We offer access to the latest research developments with a focus on lifetime performance of the animal. Cost of gain is emphasized from birth to market and in the breeding herd. We can customize a feeding program that allows you to utilize ingredients specific to your operation. Superior Swine Feed | View Small Species Feed We provide management consultation and feed designed for rabbits, guinea pigs, aquaculture, and exotic species based on their specific needs and stages of growth or reproduction. Feed is based on balanced nutrition and quality ingredients, including all of the necessary vitamins and trace minerals required by each species. Small Species Feed | View Select Oats Grain Our Select Oats Grain starts with high quality oats. Select Oats Grain | View Top-Notch Corn Grain Our Top-Notch Corn Grain starts with high quality corn. Top-Notch Corn Grain | View

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