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Non-GMO Elite Sheep Feed

Non-GMO Elite Sheep Feed gives your flock the best nutrition possible. We have feed designed to help your replacement ewe, lambs, and rams excel, as well as to feed your breeding herd. We also have products to serve as starter, grower, and finisher feeds. For optimum health and productivity, our team of experienced nutritionists provides us with properly formulated feed per the nutritional needs of your sheep.

The NEMO “Elite Sheep Advantage”

Our Commitment to You

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Elite 18% Lamb Creep DQ45

Start your lambs off right on 18% Lamb Creep. Sheep should be fed free choice beginning at 10 days of age to 60-65 days. Provide access to good quality grass or legume hay.

Elite 16% Lamb Grower

Grow your replacement yew lambs healthy with Elite 16% Lamb Grower. Also a good choice for fattening market lambs. Offer free choice along with good quality grass and/or legume hay.

Elite 38% Concentrate DQ135

Mix Elite Lamb 38% Concentrate DQ125 with corn and oats to make your own starter and grower complete feeds. A great product for mixing on-farm complete feeds.

Elite Sheep Mineral

Sheep should be fed free choice in a dry, clean, fresh area. Sheep will normally eat 0.25-0.50 ounces/head/day. It can be used in a dry lot or a pasture setting. Have your own corn and oats? Mix 38% Lamb Concentrate with it for a complete feed. For optimizing growth in finisher lambs, feed them Lamb Market Grower. It will keep them happy and healthy while growing to the size you want.


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