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Ranger Minerals

Ranger Minerals utilizes the most recent research available to keep your beef herd healthy and productive. All minerals are available with Bovatec, Rumensin®, IGR, Clarify, and other fly control products. All minerals are also available with CTC (VFD required).




Ranger Minerals Products

Spring Ranger Hi-Mag

The authority for early spring pastures.

  • Elevated Magnesium level to combat grass tetany
  • High levels of vitamins to aid in reproductive efficiency
  • Chelated trace minerals included for reproductive efficiency

Breeding & Calving Ranger

The authority for the lactating and ovulating cow

  • Formulated with higher levels of vitamins to maintain healthy eyes and tissues, and support immune function
  • Chelated trace minerals included to promote reproduction
  • Improves mineral absorption by preventing antagonists from tying up minerals

Fescue Ranger

The authority for grazing endophyte fescue

  • Binding agent fights negative effects of fescue toxicosis
  • Increased levels of vitamin A & E to promote herd health
  • Chelated minerals included
  • Option of 6% or 2% Phosphorus to match foragePhosphorus in your area

Gestating Ranger

The authority for the early-mid gestating cow

  • Highly-digestable to improve absorption of Calcium, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Potassium, Salt
  • Maintenance level of vitamins to promote health and immune function
  • Maintains cow liver status for minerals
  • Provides minerals for fetal growth

Co-product Ranger

The authority in by-product minerals

  • Formulated for needs of cattle consuming corn by-products
  • Higher Calcium inclusion and removal of Phosphorus
  • Thiamin added to balance high sulfur content of corn by-products
  • Chelated minerals included
  • Economical due to removal of Phosphorus

Stocker Ranger

The authority for growing stocker cattle

  • Supports proper balance of Calcium, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Potassium, Salt
  • Maintenace level of trace minerals to maximize growth potential
  • Formulated with higher levels of vitamins to maintain healthy eyes and tissues, and support immune function

Ranger Minerals are available with medications and fly control products.
VFD required where applicable.

About Ranger Minerals

Ranger Minerals Defense

  • Highest quality chelated trace minerals!
  • Stabilized vitamins!
  • Tested and proven formulas!
  • Boosts immunity!
  • Maximum absorption!

Defending the Nutrition Frontier

Through field research, university research, a large database of grass and feed samples, and accounting for extreme conditions; a precise level of supplementation can be calculated for each stage of beef production to save you money.

Phosphorus (P) Levels of Grass Compared to Lactating/Gestating Cows & Calf Requirements

*Phosphorus of the grass plus a 6% P mineral fed at 4 oz/day from May to July and a 3% P mineral fed at 4 oz/day from August to October. Dr. Jim Russell and Mathew Haan; Iowa State University.

Researchers at Iowa State University reported P content of grass from May through October met requirements of lactating cows in many cases, and minimal supplemental P is needed. Calves gaining 2.0 pounds per day did not need any supplemental P (see graph above). They also noted that cows selected forages 25% higher in P than manually clipped grass samples (see chart below).

Comparison of Phosphorus Concentrations of Available & Selected Forage in Rotationally Stocked Cool Season Grass Pastures


Available Forage**Selected Forage

**Available Forage = hand clipped to approximately 2 cm above ground level, Selected Forage = collected from a ruminally cannulated steer following a two hour grazing period.

Mineral Digestibility

Mineral is more expensive, so higher digestibility means you get return for your money. The swine and poultry industries fine grind corn to improve its digestibility. The beef industry doesn’t use fine ground corn because it is digested too rapidly and causes digestive upsets. It only makes sense to feed a mineral that is a finer particle and not coarse rocks. The graph below shows a coarse mineral of a major competitor compared with our finer ground mineral with added oil. The finer ground mineral raised the pH of the acid much faster and higher than the coarse mineral resulting in improved digestibility.

pH of an Acid & Mineral Solution Over Time to Compare Digestibility of Minerals with Different Particle Sizes

Trace Minerals & Interactions

Trace Minerals


Required: Growth, conception, spermatogenesis, tissue synthesis, wound healing, vitamin A metabolism, immunity, and hemoglobin & enzyme production

Deficiency: Poor feed, efficiency and intake


Required: Growth, immunity, and hemoglobin oxygen transport

Deficiency: High mortality in severe deficiency


Required: Growth, rumen cellulytic bacteria, reproduction (conception, estrus, ovulation), protein synthesis, enzyme systems, immunity, and hormonal systems

Deficiency: Subject to interference by inorganic minerals


Required: Growth, ovulation, spermatogenesis, pigmentation of hair/skin, immunity, and enzyme/ collagen synthesis

Deficiency: Subject to interference by inorganic minerals


Required: Metabolic regulation

Deficiency: Component of thyroid hormones (goiter in deficiency)


Required: Growth and vitamin B12 synthesis by rumen bugs

Deficiency: Feed intake depression and wasting disease


Required: Growth and immunity

Deficiency: Retained placentas, White Muscle Disease and Mulberry Heart Disease

Minerals can bind with other minerals or compete for absorption causing deficiencies. For example, Zn and Cu compete for the same absorption site therefore they should be kept in a proper ratio. Zn and Cu should be increased or a protected form should be used when Mo, Fe, or S levels are high.

Mineral Interactions

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